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Whether you are looking to buy a home / property now, or want to prepare for a future purchase, I enjoy helping people find and qualify for the best loan possible. As a Mortgage Broker with over 20 years of expertise, I value the relationships I have built with realtors, bankers and past customers. I know that these relationships are based on the fact that I operate with integrity, put my clients first, and strive to offer the best customer experience in the state.

How DDA Mortgage Is Different:

• We offer evening and weekend appointments and will come to your home if needed
• Guide you on how to manage your credit and finances to qualify for a mortgage
• There is no cost or obligation for a pre-qualifying interview
• We save you time within an online application and electronic signatures
• Complete transparency - all loan costs are fully disclosed upfront
• One-on-one service throughout the loan process with frequent status updates
• Deep knowledge of commercial and investor loan programs

I know that schedules can be hectic, so I will meet with you at your convenience to discuss your loan needs.

DDA Mortgage and Saleztrax:

DDA mortgage partners with Saleztrax, an independent processing company with over 30 years of processing experience. Together, we provide 24 hour service, 7 days a week to make sure that we have everything needed to secure a fast and smooth closing.

We also have the experience and resources to successfully manage complex loans or unique loan situations. Our team has closed fall out loans such as 1 day out of Bankruptcy, foreclosures, short sales, hard money loans, and more. All with the same level of exceptional service and professionalism.

DDA Mortgage is in the business of providing mortgage products to individuals and businesses in order to help them improve their financial well-being. 
Our goal is to not only be the premier provider of mortgages, but also to become the dominant mortgage provider in the State of Florida. We will outperform our competitors in offering value to the marketplace through unparalleled service, abundance of product offerings, financial soundness, convenience, and responsiveness.