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A Few Words from Didier Malagies

Credit Gone Bad

No credit, this is what you need to do

Homestead or No Homestead

What is Growinig in the Mortgage Industry

Appraisals Gone BAD!!!

How to Handle Repairs on a CD


Refinancing - Tailor Your Rate and Term

Do You Need a Funding Number?

What You Need to Know About Condos

VA Funding Fee

Rate Cut - What does it mean?

Is PMI the Same at Every Place?

Signing the CD 3 Days Before Closing

Are You Married and Yes/No Questions

Part 3 of a 3 Part Series - Cash to Close

Part 2 of a 3 Part Series - Credit

Pat 1 of a 3 Part Series - Income


Is It Time to Refinance


Get More Referrals

The Nina Program

You Choose the Specific Rate and Term

Home Improvement Loans on Homes in the Perfect Location but not Quite the Home You Want

CD - Why Do the Numbers Change During the Process

Comparing Closing Cost on Mortgage and Insurance

What Not to Do When Applying for a Mortgage

Is It Tightening Up?

Attending Closings and No Funding

Buying a Primary Residence With Only a Profit and Loss Statement and No Tax Returns?

Commercial Loans - No Tax Returns

Why Not Buy a Duplex or Triplex as a Primary Residence

Co-signing - Family Members Should Watch

Self Employed - No Tax Returns

No Doc, No Job, For Real!

VA Loans Misconceptions

Appraisal Waiver

Why use a Mortgage Broker?

New Foreign National Program

Restructuring Loans for 2019

Refinancing Investment Second\Primary Residence

What is the Rate Today?

New FHA Loan Limits

What is not showing on your Credit Report that will during the Loan Process

How to Find Judgements, Tax Liens, and Foreclosires on Your Report

Increased Loan Limits and Tidbits

Are You Pre-Approved?

VA Loans

Applying for a Mortgage

Renting vs Owning

Non-QM Loans

Jumbo VA and Conventional Loans

Foreclosures & Banruptcy

Rates - What's Up

Turn Downs - How to Avoid Them

Are You Being Hacked?

Underwriter Did What to the Appraisal

Closing Disclosure

Closing Disclosure Part 2

Purchasing Reverse Mortgages

Jumbo Loans


Out of Box Loans

Float Down Feature


Paying Off Your Mortgage Early

No Escrows Up to 95%

Things to Do When Getting a Mortgage

Things Not To Do During the Loan Process

Commercial Out of the Box

Graduating High School/College with No Credit

Gifted Equity



Hecm (Reverse Mortgage)


Recasting on a Mortgage

Meet Didier

Wiring Money


Jumbo Financing

FHA203k and Conventional Renovation Loans

VA Constructions Perm loan and VA Finanacing with Repairs/Improvements

Condo Approval Process

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FAMP September Update

HARP Expiring Soon

Trending Credit Data FNMA 10.0 DU Changes Seminar

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Gulf Coast FAMP Recap

DDA (Didier Malagies) shares several valuable lessons on the BEST way to purchase a home

Home Payments YOU can Afford

Renting vs Buying a Home

Working together with your Broker

Home Short Sale

Townhouses and Condos Buying

Affordable Home Payments

Home Foreclosure


Home Loan Process Part 1

Home Loan Process Part 2

Home Loan Process Part 3

How to Build Credit

How Much Money To Put Down On A Home

Funds to Close

Your Credit Score


Short Sale

Licensed Mortgage Broker

Bank Owned Property

Getting Through Your Loan


USDA Loans

Refinancing through your lender

Credit Scores

VA Loans

The Truth

Good Faith Estimates Pre-Paid Items

Good Faith Estimates Hard Costs

HARP 2.0 Home Affordable Refinance Program Explained by DDA